Finally. Here.

It’s 4:13am on my second day in Seattle. I meant to start this blog yesterday, but my first day here was so chock-full of Seattle-y goodness that I honestly didn’t have the time!

Jojo Pacheco and his wife, The Goods, my friends and hosts here in Seattle, are, quite frankly, wonderful. The bees knees. More on them later.

At home in New York my bedroom (easily one of my favorite spaces in the world) is painted a deep and gorgeous shade of purple and my bed sheets happen to also run within this color gamut. The color purple is my jams y’all. So I take it as sweet auspiciousness that the bed I arrived to here in Seattle not only has purple sheets, but a purple, flowered duvet extremely similar to my own at home! Silly girl you say? Mere serendipity, you claim? Fine. Whatevs. But I’m taking it as one of the already rapidly-accruing signs that my decision to leave New York for a few months was a good one.

That and the fact that I flew in to some of the nicest weather Seattle’s had in the past few weeks…a crisp, bright, sunny day here yesterday. 61 degrees at one point…while the Northeast got aggressively blanketed by storm Juno. #perfecttiming

Jojo Pacheco and I opened up my first day here with brunch at Toulouse Petit, a quirky and delicious resto in Queen Anne. Cajun style eats, french press coffee and brunch cocktails?! Yes, please! We then drove to Kerry Park where I got my first decent view of the Seattle skyline…downtown, the  needle, the mountains.

The morning was still young, and the sun hadn’t quite yet warmed the air and as I walked down Highland Drive, a fairly famous and historic section of the Queen Anne neighborhood, I felt a distinct sense of…joy. Relief. Thrill. A feeling, finally, that I’d made the right choice in quitting my job and leaving New York. And all that before I came to the Western end of Highland, where the houses and trees opened up and gave way to a view of the Olympic mountains. Mountains, y’all!

Olympic mountains
Olympic mountains

We spent the rest of the day lazily gallivanting through town. We hit up Fremont, an off-beat, funky little part of Seattle known for a random statue of Lenin, a rocket ship, and the troll under the bridge. We also took an impromptu tour of the Theo chocolate factory, where I proceeded to overindulge in all the free chocolate samples. I got 99 problems but a diet ain’t one, y’all!

Theo chocolate factory tour. Just my standard-issue doofus pose.
Theo chocolate factory tour. Just my standard-issue doofus pose.

Then we went to Gas Works Park, which is an old coal gasification (apparently, that’s a word) plant turned into a nice, grassy public park. I like that kinda thing—industrial reclamation and all. (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Steel Stacks is another good example). We walked around and got some sweet views of Union Lake—even saw a sailboat and a sea plane land! (These are probably not impressive things—but it doesn’t take much when you’re a city slicker like me). Turns out the park was actually closed, but a gate had been left open—we were thus summarily kicked out–but not before scoring some great photos.

Ze Plane! Ze Plane!
Ze Plane! Ze Plane!
Jojo Pacheco at Gas Works Park
Jojo Pacheco at Gas Works Park

Yesterday seemed to go on forever–we even managed to get in a run through the arboretum and do some grocery shopping. Finally, we regrouped in the evening with The Goods and our friend Yonkikong for dinner and drinks at Artusi. Then a final nightcap at Unicorn, a strange, carnival-themed bar where we took over the death-metal playing juke-box with a little Whitney Houston and Blackstreet. Just keepin’ it real y’all. Holla.


7 thoughts on “Finally. Here.

  1. How awesome! Glad everything is going well! Good luck this week, break those danskos in!

    “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” h.keller


  2. Love it!! Girl! You & Jojo have hella energy! I would have ducked out around the chocolate tour portion of the day. So happy for you to be there. Hope the sun continues! *chest bump*


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