Let It Rain.

Purchased  a Seattle travel guide today; on the inside cover: “All you’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So go!” True that, Mr. Wheeler, true that.

Day two in Seattle opened up in a more expected manner…cool gray skies and a chilly mist in the air. Eventually, the rain came—but as Longfellow wrote, “The best thing one can do/ When it is raining, is to let it rain.” It is very much a mantra Seattleites take to heart. There’s a running joke amongst the city’s denizens that says you can tell an out-of-towner by her rain coat. Everyone here seems pretty much unfazed by the rain, and I have to say, I don’t much mind it myself. The air here breathes perpetually crisp and clean, and the city feels continuously renewed. I suspect the rain has something to do with it.

So what to do in Seattle when it rains? Just go about your day! Jojo Pacheco and I took the car and headed east, across Mercer Island and into Cougar Mountain for a hike! We covered a bunch of different trails for a little over five miles. The woods felt lush, wet and green…the trees and forest floor covered in vibrant lichen. Between that and the fog, mist, and occasional rain, the whole thing felt magically eerie and delightful.

Tree Hugger. Get it...tree hugger?! Ha!
Tree Hugger. Get it…tree hugger?! Ha!

I mean, it’s not that I’ve never been hiking, but after a couple of uninterrupted years in New York, it’s easy to forget the loveliness of walking through the woods. The sound of water everywhere, dripping from the leaves and gurgling from tiny brooks underfoot. The shocking citron green of wet moss and the gorgeous sheen of freshly fallen leaves. I mean, not to get too cheesy here, y’all, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little awed.

Then there are strange and curious little anomalies like Fantastic Erratic, an enormous boulder smack in the middle of the woods—presumably dragged into place eons ago by some glacier of sorts. It’s huge and covered in ferns and sort of looks like a giant head but from certain angles also reminded me of some sort of “Ent-ish” creature from Lord of The Rings, waiting to come alive…except, you know, rock not tree.

Here's me on top of Fantastic Erratic.
Here’s me on top of Fantastic Erratic. We may have referred to it as Fantastic Erotic. Maybe.

Towards the end of our hike the rain picked up and it became evident that my “street-chic” purple raincoat was not so much water-proof as mildly water-resistant. (See comment above vis-à-vis out of towners and rain coats.) Sigh. I also failed to pack hiking boots, which in hindsight seems pretty silly…since I did manage to pack ten other pairs of shoes (none of them water proof, BTW). Kudos to me for even owning hiking boots though, right? Right?!

In my defense, New York technically gets more rain than Seattle. BOOM. Science. Google it, y’all (or Bing it…you know, if you’re still, strangely, using that search engine).

Tonight we’re headed to a concert with some friends. I heart me some live music. Tomorrow is also the first day of my travel assignment here in Seattle…girl’s gotta get paid! More on that later this week!

Jojo Pacheco and me in the woods. Apparently I don't know how to not look like a doof in photos.
Jojo Pacheco and me in the woods. Apparently I don’t know how to not look like a doof in photos.

NB: Jojo Pacheco is hereby duly acknowledged for his grammatical contributions to this post. Commas are tricky y’all!


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