It’s for real y’all! I am travel nurse offish!

New ID
New ID!

First day of orientation went well. The usual and familiar rigmarole covering things like cultural competency, HIPAA, hospital compliance, emergency protocols, etc. etc. Nothing new here. Except the view from the class room! Peep it y’all!

Through the window of the 22nd floor of the UW ("you-dub") Tower.
Through the window of the 22nd floor of the UW (“you-dub”) Tower.

Today I felt like a real Seattleite. Or maybe I just felt like I did a good job impersonating one! I left the house this morning, cup o’ joe in hand, and caught the 43 bus (via Montlake) to work. The day was cool and bright and I felt sheepishly overjoyed about the weather…Skipping the New York City winter feels like cheating somehow…but I’m okay with it. *Grin*

Orientation went fast and I was out early, which gave me time to hit the grocery store and pick up stuff for dinner—I wanted to cook a tasty feast for my new roomies (and hosts) The Goods & Jojo Pacheco. On the menu this eve: Avocado, tomato, & radish salad with a cilantro-lime dressing and organic lean ground turkey with chickpeas, carrots and ginger. Some bulgur wheat on the side, you know, just because. Shout out to my own Momma for the recipe inspiration.

A healthy & organic feast for my peeps!
A healthy & organic feast for my peeps! Plus some vino (not organic) #worthit

A few realizations that came about today:

I’ve never doubted that I’m pretty much a New Yorker through and through. My patience is short, my stride is quick and my manner is brusque. Mea culpa. But that’s what a lifetime of living in New York will do to a girl! I met another fellow travel nurse today from the South. I’ll call her Sweets. She and I finished today’s assigned activities at the same time and decided to walk back over to the main medical center to pick up our ID cards and check in with the Employee Health office. The walk was a solid 15 minutes, followed by a fair amount of zig-zagging up and down hospital hallways and elevators. Finally, on our way out, Sweets turns to me and says, [insert southern accent here] “I am going to have to get used to you New Yorkers…y’all walk fast!” Word, Sweets. Word.

The thing is, it’s more than just walking fast. Part of the reason I felt compelled to leave New York was because I felt it affecting me in other, more concerning ways. New York, whether I realized it or not, was making me…cranky. Like a mollusk that builds its shell, layer upon layer, I felt an abrasive armor accruing about me—a standoffish and negative energy that I felt wasn’t really who I am…or at least not who I wanted to be.

I want to be an open, friendly person. Adventurous and curious. Someone who isn’t intrinsically on the defensive, who gives others the benefit of the doubt and who greets novelty as an opportunity for growth and discovery. I think I was these things at one point, long ago, but they’ve slowly seeped from me, as things do when we begin to age. But I am not so old that I cannot reclaim what I desire, and name what and who I want to be. So today, when Sweets asked me to walk with her, wait on her—I made the New Yorker in me settle down, take the proverbial chill pill, and enjoy the sunny Seattle afternoon.

I know y’all…it got cheesy there for a hot minute. I’ll make it up to you on the next one!


2 thoughts on “Offish.

  1. Marilyn, I loved this! You have such a great way of writing! Can’t wait until your next one. I admire you for taking this chance.

    Kelle from NYP


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