No Man Is an Island

First Friday in Seattle. Met up with a fellow traveler and swapped stories over drinks. We are all made up of such complex narratives–I’m finding it a little mind blowing. Later in the evening we met up with some other extremely pleasant folks. It’s amazing how far venturing out of your comfort zone will take you. I’m not a terribly outgoing person, socially speaking, but I’m finding it really satisfying to meet new people.

Orientation today was a breeze and I even had time to hit up Mr. Gyros in Greenwood for lunch. Famous gyros. It pretty much lived up to the hype. In the evening we went to a bar called Smiths, which I thought was awesome for two reasons: 1) wine on tap–Yes, please! And 2) these messages on the wallpaper in the bathroom:

IMG_2214IMG_2216IMG_2220IMG_2221 IMG_2222IMG_2224

…All so poetic, so heartfelt! In a bathroom of all places!

Short one today, y’all…it’s late and I’m plum tired!


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