Game Day.

It is game day, y’all! The Seattle Seahawks square off against the New England Patriots today and this city is hyped. All week I kept meaning to photograph the Seahawk signs, flags, and banners that pepper the sidewalks, lawns and windows of Seattle. They are, literally, everywhere. On Friday, at the Medical Center, it seemed everyone was wearing Seahawk paraphernalia–doctors, nurses, techs, everyone; It’s not official part of the uniform code I’m guessing, but clearly encouraged. Here’s a photo of a Seahawk sign in the window of a bus that made me chortle. I like it because it’s clearly homemade, and kind of doesn’t make any sense. Which I find totally endearing.

I mean...I see what you're doing here guy...
I mean…I see what you’re trying to do here guy…

Yesterday we went for a run through Lake View Cemetery–we wondered, briefly, if this was sorta, kinda, maybe sacrilegious but decided to go anyway. I actually really like cemeteries–they’re usually quite beautiful spaces and old graves in particular have a certain romantic appeal. Philippe Ariès wrote a bunch of fascinating stuff on western attitudes towards death and dying and touches on the development of the “cult of cemeteries” that began when society decided to start burying its dead (instead of, you know, cremating them). But I digress. I bring up the cemetery because Seahawk fever is so intense here in Seattle that even the graves sport banners and signs…one had a Seahawk mylar balloon tied to it! No joke.

Lake View is also home to the graves of Bruce and Brandon Lee–the father-son duo famous for their martial arts and acting skills. There’s actually a tour available of the sites, but we just walked around until we found them. I’m not sure how a whole tour can be made of two graves, but whatevs. Then we finished our run.

The Lee Graves
The Lee Graves

I’m planning to make my awesome chili for the game today; it calls for a bottle of beer, and if that doesn’t sell you I don’t know that we can be friends. I’m also gonna make Momma Bear’s famous guacamole which no one, ever, has not loved.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday y’all!

NB: I didn’t think ahead enough to have a good photo for today’s post, so I’m borrowing one from the interwebs…it comes from Ant May Photo at, and I hope the fact that I’m acknowledging this here is enough to keep me from getting into any cray cray copyright trouble!


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