A New Daily Grind

It’s been a few days, y’all, I know…I’ve been remiss. But the honest fact is, I’ve just been settling into my life here in Seattle…establishing a new daily grind, if you will. Part of why I left New York is because my daily routine  was really starting to grate. My commute (an hour, sometimes more, on the subway), my work hours (twelve hour shifts)…not to mention the New York winter…major buzz kill. What I start to realize is that routine, as icky as that word may sound, is unavoidable, and often, it’s actually somewhat welcome. It’s nice to know what your day is going to look like, to know what’s coming, and to know you can handle it. But too much routine fogs the mind, dampens the soul, blurs the edges of a fulfilling life. And so…here I am…

But even here, in Seattle, on a temporary work assignment, a little routine seeps in. I work 7-5:30 PM, and so I’m on the bus by 6:45 usually. Can we just stop here for a sec? You read right, y’all…a 15 minute commute!

The last time I had a commute that short was when I was in college and would roll out of bed and cross Locust Walk in my pajama pants to sleep through Intro to Stat. I mean, I don’t even get a chance to settle in to read a book! (In New York, I got through entire novels in days just by reading on my commute). Anyway, that in and of itself is a kind of treat. #subwayvacay

What else can I tell you? This week I finally joined a gym. Good thing, because let me tell you, I have been splurging. #cookies #craftbeer. I mean, it’s Seattle, and my first week here was pretty much a vacation! You’re allowed a little leniency during vacay, right?! Right?! But I was starting to feel a little plump…so I’m back. Anytime Fitness, y’all. On Madison street. Open 24 hours a day—what what! Kickin’ it into high gear…Summer 2015 y’all…it’s right around the corner. #A-game.

I’ve been promising Jojo Pacheco a music-themed blog post so here it is…if a little retroactive. Last week we went to a show at The Neptune—a cool music venue here in Seattle. It’s a theater that was built in the 1920s, and it still holds a lot of character, despite a fair amount of renovations. We saw Kishi Bashi, who Yonkikong first heard on NPR.


It was definitely an interesting sound. He (Kaoru Ishibashi) sings and plays the violin and is often accompanied by a string quartet—but it’s not the kind of string quartet you would normally think of. It’s a pretty alternative and unique sound. You might even recognize this song which Microsoft used in one of their commercials. Anyway, live music is always dope to me, especially when the artist is doing something novel, so I was totally into it. Things got especially pleasant when an extremely hot, bearded banjo player joined the band onstage. Lord knows I love me a man in a beard. But then you put him in a sport coat and let him wail on a banjo? Good God I am undone! The term “lumbersexual” was bandied about…haters gonna hate y’all.

I also sampled my first Olympia, a beer brewed here in Washington state.

“It’s the water…” but it also kind of tastes like water.

Sticking to the music theme, Jojo Pacheco and I have been obsessing over this video of the band Future Islands playing on the David Letterman show. The front man, Samuel T. Herring, just puts forth the most emphatic, heartfelt performance I’ve seen in a long time—just so intense, in the best of ways. There was even some hullabaloo about it on the interwebs. You’re welcome, Jojo.

Next up on the musical agenda is an indie music festival, Treefort, in Boise, Idaho and a Twin Shadow show here in Seattle at Neumos. You should also check out local Seattle band The Head and The Heart–they’re awesome, as evidenced by this video.

Alright kiddies—that’s alls I got for tonight, but stay tuned for some coverage of this weekend’s shenanigans, which included my obsessing over the artisanal cheese curds (EB can I get a what what!?) at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, famous for their mac n’ cheese and this giant vat of cheesy goodness:

Cheese curd heaven.
Cheese curd heaven.

I mean…I just…can’t.


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