Spring Is Sprung!

Seattle is lush and blooming my friends! Spring is sprung and I have never been so happy to skip a New York City winter. In a mellow breeze and sun-induced flight of fanciful thinking it occurs to me that I may never spend another winter on the East Coast! #snowbird! The featured photo for this post is a close up of the cherry blossom tree behind our home which is just starting to bud. Get at it nature!

I know it’s been a while y’all, but I’ve got tons of tasty tid-bits to share. The Goods and Jojo Pacheco have been gone since last week on their honeymoon, so I’ve been on my own these day, doin’ my thang, you know. I flew to DC last weekend for a wedding, which was hella fun—but again, the frigid temperatures made me actually excited to get on a six hour flight back to Seattle. Here’s a fun wedding photo-booth shot:


Wednesday night Yonkikong and I decided to get together and make dinner at her place—which she just bought in December! Get it girl! #equity #homeowner

We put together a pretty impressive gourmet burger feast, a photograph of which is available for viewing on my…wait for it…waaaait for it…

…new Instagram account!

I know y’all…I know…I’m a total sell out…I kinda sorta hate social media (and have gladly and proudly been off Facebook for over a year), but somehow I got suckered. Plus, I also hate photos of food…double sell-out. But, okay, here’s the truth: I only signed up for Instagram so I could follow hotdudesreading, which posts photos of hot dudes reading on the NYC subway. I mean, be still my heart! The only thing I could fall harder for than a hot man with a book is a hot man with a beard reading a book. So yeah, I joined Instagram so I could get my daily fill of NYC literary hotties. As Popeye once said, “I yams what I yams.”

Anyway, peep my “visual blog” on Instagram: sands821. I also have a Twitter account, @sands821, but don’t even bother because frankly, I don’t get Twitter…like, I literally do not understand how to tweet (or how to twitter which is how I was saying it before some snarky Twitter expert pointed out my faux-pas…here’s looking at you Rescue Ninja!). Okay, social media plug over.

Update (two days later): I hate Instagram and am planning to delete my account. It’s basically just a “visual Facebook,” nothing more! It still espouses so much of what I hate about most social media. UGH…I feel an impending rant coming on…but I’ll refrain…for now. I’m still mulling…double UGH.

In support of REAL LIFE socializing, I will say that it has been remarkably easy to meet people in Seattle. Meeting friends of friends, and sometimes even strangers, to break bread, meet for a show, or simply for drinks—has reminded me what joy there is in easy, casual socializing. I’ve had this conversation in the past with friends, where we talk about how much harder it is to make friends as you get older. You’re not in school anymore and people cluster off into their own little social cliques and if you don’t happen to belong to one already you sort of find yourself out in the cold. And then people start getting married and breeding and—forget about it! Any social outing starts to require months of complex planning and intricate scheduling maneuvers. It’s…disillusioning. But Seattle has refreshed and renewed my perspective on meeting people.

I’ve had multiple, epic, friend-dates with girls (who I find are generally harder to befriend than men). J-Money is a fellow travel nurse who hails from the Philly area, where I worked for years (we actually worked at the same hospital and never met). We both came out to Seattle to travel within months of each other and a mutual friend still out East linked us up. Long story short, our meeting was sheer kismet; she’s awesome. We met for brunch at Americana one lazy Friday afternoon, and ended up spending the whole day together: we strolled the waterside, sipped wine while watching the sun set, and pranced around the statues and exhibits at Olympic Sculpture Park.

The sun setting over the Puget sound on my girl date with J-Money
The sun setting over the Puget sound on my girl date with J-Money
IMG_2728 (2)
Here’s me looking fake-contemplative on one of the “sculptures.” You can kind of peep the Seattle ferris wheel in the background, lit up in red. And also our brown paper bag of wine on the bench. #classy

In fact, things were going so well we didn’t want the day to end! So we met up with a friend of J-Money’s and headed back to her place to eat pizza and drink more wine…all while sitting by her fireplace! I mean, if that’s not the perfect girl date…

Then on Saturday I met up with my new friend AM—also a fellow traveler, who worked for several years in New York. We took a mini-road trip up scenic Chukanut Drive…yup…Chuk-a-nut. Hilars, I know. The 9-year old in me giggled too. Listen, this day was insanely magical. We left the house in the morning, and as we drove down I-5 the cloud cover lifted, and by the time we got to Taylor Shellfish Farm, the sun was beaming. Beaming, y’all. Here’s proof:

Looking out towards Samish Bay from Taylor's Shellfish Farm
Looking out towards Samish Bay from Taylor’s Shellfish Farm

We drove through gorgeous farmland, plains and fields extending out in all directions to meet rolling foothills and expansive skies.

Driving through Skagit Valley. #nofilter  That one snow-capped peak has to be a pretty big mountain, but I have no idea which one it is. Geography is not my strong suit.
Driving through Skagit Valley. #nofilter
That one snow-capped peak has to be a pretty big mountain, but I have no idea which one it is. Geography is not my strong suit.

We continued north up the s-curved road, making our way to Fairhaven and Bellingham, two well-known towns in the Skagit region of Washington. We stopped at Village Books, an independently owned bookstore—the kind that makes you wish Amazon didn’t exist and we were all still perusing shelves to shop for a good read. We each browsed separately (because what better way is there to plunge into the musky sweet world of words and books??) and then we reconvened to head over to Chuckanut Brewery for a site tour and lunch. Behold, beer awesomeness:

I'm the Vanna White of Chuckanut Brewery!
I’m the Vanna White of Chuckanut Brewery!

The final stop on our destination that day was a small town called Edison, which is, honest to blog, the cutest, most adorable little town I have ever been to…full of unique and curious shops like Hedgerow and The Lucky Dumpster. We stopped for fresh bread at Breadfarm, and fresh cheese at Gothberg Farms, where your purchases are honor based!!! See photo:

Pick your cheese, leave your money! #trust #honor
Pick your cheese, leave your money! #trust #honor

I mean, I am dying of endearment.

Frankly, the entire endeavor felt…beautiful…surreal. I mean, these places exist, y’all! Small, pristine hamlets full of character and creativity…community and charm. I knew I was someplace special when both the lady at Breadfarm and the cute, bearded barrista at Tweets both complemented me on the gap in my smile! #Ibelonghere

Alright friends, there’s plenty more to share, but this post is long enough I think. Until the next time.

Love to all!


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